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Corporate Travel Management
Using a travel management company can help you save time and money, regardless of the size of your business. Our saving solutions can help to reduce overheads on hiring a travel management person. For small or medium size company if one person is hired for this job, average salary per year is US$50,000. You can eliminate this expense by joining us.
Negotiated rates: We negotiate deep discounts on air, car rentals, hotels, Limo, Travels insurance etc. which are proven to provide better rates than available at any other agencies.
Dedicated Travel Specialist
Ever sit on hold for 20 to 30 minutes trying to make/change travel plans? Or been stuck in a never-ending loop of automated voice prompts? It's a terrible feeling and results in enormous productivity loss. And of course it always seems to happen just when you need it least like when you're trying to get to that all important meeting or when you need to get home.
When that happens (and it will happen) you need a number to call where a human being is on the other line and picks up in less than 3 rings! One who is US based, knows who you are, knows your preferences, can relate to your situation and fixes the problem quickly. At Global eReservations, we offer this personalized services when you need it most.
Service around You
Simplify your travel booking with our experienced team and get 24/7 global support. Business travel solutions provide service with a human touch customized to your company culture.
Account Management
Offers unique solutions to help you manage travel expenses while providing the highest levels of reliable service that you and your travelers deserve. Our unparalleled pool of travel counselors will efficiently support your travelers before, during and after a trip.
Value Bundle
In House Phone Support 24/7
Easy Book: Air Tickets, Car Rentals, Hotels, Limo Reservations, Restaurant Online Food Ordering, Travels Insurance, Short Terms Apartments & Houses etc.
Weekly Invoices.
Looking to make your travel safe, comfortable and cost effective, there's no better choice than Global eReservations. We'll work one-on-one to build the trip you wanted to take, or we'll suggest fabulous ideas if you are not sure. Its all about you at Global eReservations. We want you to feel like you planned yourself but with none of the hassle or effort. For excellent service and cost effective, contact us today