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Global eReservations » Corporate Travel » FAQs
A. Introduction
1. What is my benefit of working with Global eReservations?
2. What are facilities/services available on B2B?
B. Booking Details
How can we monitor that our employee is buying the lowest fare available?
Does your portal offer the corporate discounting model?
Can you customize the report as per our requirement?
How about the cancellation of flight and hotels?
C. Accounts & Finance
1. What is your credit policy?
2. How can we make payment ?
3. How Can I make a deposit & how much time it will take to upload the amount in my account?
4. What is your payment model with corporate?
D. Support Service/Call Center Support
1. Do you have call center facility?
2. Can our employees talk to the team in case of any assistance should they require during the traveling time?